Performance Improvement

Our own industry experience has provided us a feedback that the performances of plants deteriorate over a period of time. Our experience also corroborates with certain observations, where O & M Practices result in deterioration of performance much earlier than anticipated life cycle.

In order to prevent further deterioration and improve the performance, we are ready to step-in with our pool of experts to analyze the situations and provide workable and practical solutions. Our team, which include Certified Energy Auditors, plays a catalyst role in identifying the short comings, suggest and handhold in implementing solutions to bring in improvement in Plant performance and deliverables.

Our service offerings include

  • Review & strengthening of O&M practices;
  • Strengthening of efficiency monitoring processes;
  • Measurement of parameters;
  • Analysis of parameters to prioritise required improvements;
  • Suggest methods for improvement and supervise implementation;
  • Energy Audits to plug auxiliary consumption;
  • Critical trouble shooting.

Welcome to Feedback Power, an O & M Services Company focused on performance.

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